Julie Makes Cakes

Producing bespoke, hand crafted cakes for weddings, birthdays and more. Julie Makes Cakes was designed to show off the stunningly decorated cakes and make it even easier for customers to order their own.

Pink gradient overlay on the 'little treats' page

The Brief

Julie Makes Cakes has been through several evolutions, initially focusing on cupcakes and parties the audience has grown to include formal and large scale events such as weddings, anniversaries and other family celebrations.

The brief was to simplify the site to the three core products and improve the ordering process. The previous iteration had focused on being a portfolio, with many pages of photographs and decorative options. Customers often used alternative channels such as Facebook rather than the site itself.

With this in mind the site was designed to channel users to one of three landing pages which provide visitors with pricing, flavours and a quote form. Further pages are available with additional information but these do not form the 'core' of the site.

Full screen view of the weddings page

Built like a cake

To avoid the landing pages appearing the same the templates are designed to be modular. Each row can be arranged within the CMS giving the client incredible control over their page layouts without needing any technical knowledge. The wavy edges mimick icing to give the appearance of layered cake tiers.

The client has used this to great effect creating a wonderful stacked page full of information and delicious photography.

Screenshot of the brand guidelines, with example colours and typefaces

Refining the brand

As part of the rebuild the brading was revisited. The goal was to reduce the intensity providing a more elegant feel to the site. The target audience of the new site was to cater for weddings, pastel shades and serif typefaces were chosen to provide a softer and more traditional experience for visitors.

Carrying this across to social media was very important as this was a major traffic source. Matching business cards, social network graphics and other assets were produced and the client was supplied a simple guide of how to use the new branding effectively.

Website view on a smaller screen with the collapsed menu open


The strategy of three landing pages is kept as the site condenses with smaller displays. The ever-present floating navigation ensures visitors are able to quickly find a product that suits their needs.

While the site has only recently been launched, the bounce rate has dropped and the time spent viewing individual pages has increased - considering the client has been fully booked for July this is a great sign for the future.