Hello, Again

The last year has been quite the series of events, with little time for publishing. But, dear reader, I am back and will not so quickly abandon you this time.

Ok, so its clear if you look at the dates of my posts in here that I am bad at writing to regular schedule. I’m also clearly dropping off social media and going dark all across the web - and you’d be right. But I have really good reasons, I swear.

Let’s take a step back to August 2017, the last time I made a post here. It was about three months since I’d announced to my old studio that I was moving to a new city and would be quitting around February 2018. I had made the decision to detonate my life in Lincoln after a series of rather cataclismic events:

  1. Getting evicted just at the start of putting an offer in on a house
  2. The house in question then failing the survey
  3. Scrambling to find a new rental to avoid being homeless

At the end of all of the above it came down to a simple thought, fuck it. Friends had long since moved away and while Lincoln is a great place to be a student it didn’t seem a great place to build a career. House prices were lower, yes, but so were salaries - and being in the midlands meant that the more lucrative connections to London were fewer between.

So, back to Norwich it was. Except for the minor issue of the Beast from the East. It turns out moving house during the worst snowstorm for decades can be problematic…

As you can imagine, writing blog posts and putting photos on Instagram wasn’t a high priority. But with 2019 I’m going to try to get back to being open and expressing myself to the world. To try and let go of the anger that I’ve had since January 2017 receiving the eviction notice and to start being creative again.

So here is my new regimen:

  • Mondays: to go for a run. I enjoy running, its quick to make progress and the combination of music and excercise can really do wonders reducing stress.
  • Tuesday: to write a blog post. I’m planning to start reviewing movies, music, books - anything I’ve taken an interest in so the content can be varied and encourages me to go out and experience things
  • Wednesday: another run or when the weather improves, some swimming for variety.
  • Thursday: engaging in some form of sport, preferably Batmington. There is some interest from my colleagues so I am going to look into organising something here.
  • Friday: this is being kept free, since it is quite often Pub day at the office!
  • Weekends: travel around the area, get back into photography and make sure I have some content for the coming week.

Additionally I spend entirely too much time staring at Reddit with no particular aim. Quite often this involves complaining about the number of reposts which only goes to show how pointlessly glued to the thing I am.

Instead I am going to make use of my Kindle which has unfortunately been collecting dust the past few months and aim to read at least one new book a month.

Oh - and the small job of buying a house, in the midst of Brexit. How hard can it be?

In all seriousness, its time to stop being angry, bitter and self-destructive. So let’s get on it, like a car bonnet.